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Specialising in Landscape, Wildlife & Travel Photography.

Gary Nolan captures images that tell the story of a momment and hopefully coveys a message that moves the. Trevlling extensively and always destinations of true natural beauty and awe he works hard to uncover sometimes the quiet eloquence and other times the screaming energy of our natural world. FRomchildhood sketchs and early "instamatic" snaps there has been a relentless zeal to create if magery inspired by nature. Trained as a physiologist he has always had a passion for wildlife and the environment in which it lives. Photography has been a synergistic adjunct to this passion with his ultimate goal to be able to share through imagery the ever inspiring wonder of nature's architect.

He hopes you too share that wonder with the content of this site.

Whilst currently living in Tropical Queensland, Australia he is frequently "on walk about" and always open to opportunity and the prospect of collaboration no matter where on the planet - if you wish to contact Gary regarding a travel or nature photo project or workshops and training please do so, he would love to hear from you.

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