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Gary Nolan | Photographer

Currently working out of Magnetic Island in north Queensland Australia. I have many years experience in nature photography covering landscape, wildlife, birdlife and astro & nightlife photography.

I am an almost entirely self-taught photographer with just a short course in Photography from the Sydney Institute back in the early 2000s. I started my photographic life in the film era with 35mm B&W and colour slide picking up my Dad's Russian Zenit-E with a 50mm lens and photo cell metering when I was about 10 years old. I progressed to the Olympus OM1 and 2 in my late teens early twenties with the focus always being animals and nature. After a break for a while during the industries transition to Digital I regained the passion again in 2014 with the purchase of a DSLR and trip overseas. 

I like to specialises in fine art landscapes both Australian focused and from overseas, particularly Canada and Hawaii.  I also like to target birdlife and have held a fascination for birds from early childhood.

I have been fortunate to be recognised with a number of awards from photographic peers and had images feature in galleries around the globe; Amsterdam, London, Munich, Lisbon, Vancouver & Sydney and more humble paces such as here on Magnetic Island. I have also featured in calendars and more... 

I split my time between commercial clients, documentary, conservation and teaching & training workshops. The aim is always to inspire with the beauty, tranquility and timelessness that natural world provides for us and to share the ways to capture moments with as many people as possible.

Some recent clients include: Sealink, various tourism campaigns across Queensland and Australia, local governments and shire councils, parks and gardens - internationally with Banff sleigh-rides, UK Park & Gardens and galleries which focus on the wild world.