Up-coming Workshops - NolanPhotoImaging

I am now able to offer two styles of photographic workshop when I'm at home base here on Magnetic Island. All workshops are delivered with a very practical "hand-on" style and as such you walk away having actually performed the skills taught and simply need to practice them to increase the speed and dexterity and even develop them further!

Basic DSLR/CSC course:

over approximately 8 hours we cover the shift in understanding that takes you from "all auto" mode with your new camera to full control of Aperture, Shutter speed, focusing zones, lens choices, file-types, long exposures, ISO settings... essentially all you need to know to leverage every ounce of technical grunt your camera and gear has and deploy them creatively in the beautiful tropical island setting of Magnetic Island in Queensland, Australia. The day goes longer if we are all still having fun and may include a few wildlife surprises along the way! It doesn't matter what you shoot; Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm, Pentax... if it has settings you can control - you will grow your image making from this course.Got questions?!?!? e-mail me or check out the facebook page for more information and for 2018 dates.

Astro/night photography introduction:

Ever wanted to know how to make a cool shot of the milky way or Orions belt? Got a DSLR or CSC camera and a tripod (we can even lend you a tripod!)?Enjoy seeing more than the naked eye will let you whilst your out in nature?Want to control time for a little while?All this and more is what you'll pick up on this introductory course. There are clearly some pre-requisites with this one but essentially these relate to dates in the year when the night sky offers the very best opportunity for drawing back the veils of darkness. Delivered on location at various parts of Queensland and Tasmania where there is a reliable "Dark Sky" and minimum light pollution. again check out the Facebook site or e-mail me for more details of dates/location and a check that even the most elementary gear should be enough to get you started (hooked really! don't say I didn't warn you!!).